Democracy's Biggest Hurdle

The powerful corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) in the United States of America remains democracy's biggest hurdle. The CMNM has continually undermined democracy and representative government by their one-sided presentation of the news and political matters, outright propaganda, and dubious distortions or omissions of facts. Elections in America have been unfair for a very long time, because the CMNM only covers candidates that are useful to them, or they misrepresent certain candidates they don't like through various methods of bias and obfuscation.

Elections in the U.S. are, by and large, controlled by the corporate behemoth, which uses the CMNM for their practically exclusive electoral ratification processes. Alternative political parties and independent candidates have almost no chance against the status quo-admiring CMNM unless the number of people supporting alternative parties becomes considerably larger. Elections laws are uniformly unfair against poor candidates, alternative party candidates, and independent candidates. In other words, the laws, which are editorially backed up by the CMNM, are against those candidates that are most likely to shake up the system to better meet the needs of commoners everywhere in America. These elections laws are greatly skewed to favor the corporate and rich contributors of politicians that do their bidding.

Our chairman, Mark Greene, is battling in court and in the electoral arenas to shake up these unfair laws, but not even the American Civil Liberties Union will help us, though that is no surprise since we don't generally go along with the radical, ultra-liberal agenda. This is where average citizens can come in through supporting "Commons" in significant numbers and contributing dollars to bring an alternative party to the forefront of American politics. Right now, we are asking for $50 from every well-to-do or gainfully employed supporter of the Party of Commons, so that are electoral coffers will be well funded for the 2010 campaigns. Supporters, generally, may only be able to contribute as much as they can afford, but we will surely need every supporter's vote and word-of-mouth spreading of information about our party from everyone as well. Numbers (of supporters), votes and dollars will bring about the rise of at least one honest party in our nation. Don't let the corporate mainstream news media steal our democracy outright.

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