To Rally a Nation

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, President Franklin D. Roosevelt lifted the nation from morass, turmoil and economic failure with lofty speeches, "New Deal" programs and charismatic confidence. Yet, the nation was buoyed by non-political sources as well, such as that by the plucky racehorse named Seabiscuit, the near perrenial also-ran that became a champion. A somewhat unusual looking racehorse that was never given much hope of being anything but a throw-in, Seabiscuit lifted the spirits of millions at a time when the nation needed rallying the most.

It just goes to show how the unexpected, even a horse, can inspire us to our greater instincts, like faith, hope and courage. We may not end up a champion like Seabiscuit, but through our efforts and steadfastness for the sake of good will, liberty and charity, we can rally the nation.

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