Constantine and McGinn

They can either do something dramatic or lose just like a long ago, very cautious Democratic presidential nominee.

The polls are not looking good for either Seattle mayoral candidate Mike McGinn or King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine. Both candidates are beginning to look like the hapless Michael Dukakis, the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 1988. Dukakis ran a conventional, cautious campaign and got beat by Bush I. Constantine and McGinn had better learn from Dukakis' mistake and they don't have a lot of time. What should they do? They should make a joint announcement that they are supporting the Marine veteran, Mark Greene's write-in campaign for King County Sheriff. It would be a little risky, politically; there would be political fallout, and it would probably play right into the hands of Constantine & McGinn. Would Constantine and McGinn actually do that? Doubtful, because both candidates and their advisers look a little too Dukakis-like at this juncture and they'll probably suffer Dukakis' fate of 1988. Get ready for the Republican takeover of King County: the Dunn-Rahr-Hutchison triumvirate can hardly wait.

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