Rahr and Hutchison

God bless Seabiscuit! Just when we thought that the write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff campaign might have to settle for no more than possibly changing the election edifice in Washington to a more level playing field for commoners who don't receive big corporate dollars (see previous essays about the "Greene v. Huff" election case in federal court), suddenly Sheriff Sue Rahr decided to openly align herself with one of the candidates for County Executive, the other Sue, Susan Hutchison. This was reported in SeattlePI.com, today, on their political blog. If this is not an outright endorsement by Rahr for Hutchison, it's practically one, and at least we know where the sheriff candidates stand on the question of who should be the next County Executive. "Commons" has long ago endorsed Dow Constantine for Executive, Hutchison's opponent.

Considering that the news media has chosen not to report about Mark Greene's write-in campaign, the scheduled appearance of Rahr with Hutchison, today, is not particularly a bold gambit on the sheriff's part. In all likelihood, Rahr realizes that a write-in campaign is a long shot with press attention and a super long shot without press attention. Well, just maybe, the write-in campaign is about to go from super long shot to just long shot. The press might finally start to pay some attention to the Republican-oriented Reagan Dunn/Sue Rahr/Susan Hutchison connection and where they will lead our county if they make electoral gains. Not to mention the Party of Commons's role in being about the only electoral opposition to two out of three of the trio for top offices in King County.

Write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff! (USMC veteran/Corporal/honorable discharge)

Vote for Dow Constantine for Executive!

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