Mark and the Campaign

If Mark runs for state senate this year, we can assure you that his campaign will be top-flight, professional, hard fought and persevering. Mark will not run his campaign out of some fancy office suite surrounded by corporate overseers and hired hands such as the sure to come plutocratic-serving candidates probably would, including whoever the appointed person from the council will be. Mark will be the one working in the field, shaking the hands, making the speeches, getting out the brochures, and Mark's volunteers will take significant roles in strategy sessions and overall campaign decisions. Mark has pledged that if he runs this year, he will work harder than he has ever worked in an election before. If Mark runs, you can be sure that commoners will have a friend on the ballot that has a very good chance to win.

Please, contribute to Mark's Secretary campaign by clicking on the link in the title field (above) and making selections of how you want to donate. Thank you!

[revised on 1/4/10]

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