Blog News XXXII

Mark Greene's state representative campaign is off to a strong start despite the de facto opposition of the corporate mainstream news media and the financial prowess of the opposing corporatist mainline parties (Democratic & Republican). Mark will cooperate with the corporate media to the extent that it is necessary, but Mark and the Party of Commons will not spend a lot of time making overtures to them. When Mark took his campaign on the road recently, one person scoffed at the idea of him thinking that he could beat either of the mainline parties in an election. That is the thinking of people who are satisfied with the status quo and would do absolutely nothing to change it even if they weren't. To make a contribution to Mark's campaign, send a check or money order to the Mark Greene for State Representative Committee, P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009.

Please, contribute to Mark's simultaneous Secretary of State campaign by clicking on the title link above and making selections of how you want to donate. Thank you!

[revised on 3/25/10]

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