A Friend of Labor

As the Democratic majority Legislature in Washington has eagerly fallen into the grip of the corporate behemoth, workers have been forgotten and left to fend off the great behemoth on their own. Recently, a significant workers' rights bill, supported by the major labor unions, was forsaken by both Democrats and Republicans. The corporate overseers were glad to see the Democratic and Republican legislators following their orders, especially the Democrats since they were in control and the ones most likely to become a little feisty since the workers were counting on them to represent their interests and therein the interests of the people at large. Unfortunately, that was misplaced hope, because while Democrats give soothing words to the masses, they are subordinate to the ones that fill their campaign coffers. So, now, workers continue to be under the iron thumb of the great behemoth that with the help of the United States Supreme Court is increasingly gaining more political power along with their overwhelming economic power. Throughout the history of the United States, labor unions and workers generally have had to struggle mightily for the few rights they now have, but we can never give up the struggle for democracy, dignity, fair compensation and overall workers' rights. That is why we must elect a friend of labor for state representative in the 41st District, Mark Greene. As William Jennings Bryan put it in the presidential campaign of 1908, "Shall the People rule?"

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