Initiative 1075

The Party of Commons is anxiously awaiting the language for the ballot title & summary from the Attorney General's Office for Initiative 1075, which is about election candidacy petitions. We are serious about getting this on the ballot in November, so please write to sign and circulate this petition once the ballot title comes out. This will be a grassroots effort to try to get a quarter of a million signatures in 3 months, and it won't be easy. This initiative will make it easier for common people to run for office and will probably put an end to all of the unopposed election contests in Washington. The initiative can be read in its entirety from the Washington Secretary of State's website (go to elections section and then initiative subsection, or click on the title link, above). We will greatly appreciate any help you can give us, including a contribution to Democracy In Election Process, P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009.

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