"Republican" Newspaper May Factor in Election

The Sound Publishing/Recorder company in Western Washington, which specializes in small community newspapers, is getting ready to bring out more election bias. For instance, despite the official entry of Mark Greene in the various 41st legislative district elections, they have chosen only to write about the campaign of a Republican challenger, Steve Litzow, in this early phase. The paper, which was practically an arm of Councilman Reagan Dunn's campaign in 2009, is a de facto Republican newspaper, and can be counted on to be extremely biased in their coverage of elections and editorial content in favor of their corporatist friends, which of course can also mean certain Democrats. The Party of Commons will do our best to let the community know about specific journalistic bias in elections so that the considerable influence of papers like "Recorder" and televison companies like "Fox" can be lessened to some degree.

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