Mark Will Request an Investigation into '04 Primary

For all these years, until the 41st District petition controversy of this year brought forth a closer look into the overall operations of the Logan-Huff regime at the King County Department of Elections, Mark Greene never suspected vote fraud in the September 14th, 2004 primary relating to the election for U.S. Congress in the 9th Congressional District.  Then we saw an old report by election reform activist, Bev Harris, recently, and suddenly the petition controversy wasn't the only significant matter involving Mark and King Co. Elections.  It's beginning to look more and more like Mark Greene actually won the 9th Congressional District G.O.P. primary in 2004, and that Dean Logan and his minions could not be bothered to look into egregious incongruities and possible fraud regarding the vote count in the 9th District.  We now think that Mark did win, which means that Mark Greene was the victim of fraud, and that he won 3 straight major party primaries for U.S. Congress early in this decade and the one prior: 2000 (Alaska), 2002 (Alaska) and 2004 (Washington, 9th District).  Mark will soon make a request to the F.B.I. to look into the 2004 Washington primary election despite concerns about the statute of limitations as far as prosecuting criminals are concerned.  We will stay on this story this month and next, and as long as necessary.  It looks like the petition controversy has spawned a much older controversy that until now has been completely overlooked by the main party concerned, but won't be anymore, thanks to the hard work of the great Bev Harris.

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