The Other Curious Election of '04

The alledged election fraud involving the vote count in Ohio during the Kerry and Bush presidential contest, and the shenanigans inside the King County (Washington) Elections Department during the Rossi and Gregoire gubernatorial contest, both in the year 2004, are well known, but virtually nothing is known about the congressional primary election in the 9th District of Washington that year.  Mark Greene had a lead over Paul Lord in two of the three counties on election night, including the overwhelmingly largest population county for the district (King), in the G.O.P. primary, and the margin of difference between the two candidates was a percentage point or less, but Mark curiously ended up losing by a few percentage points after some strange electronic programming occurences in King County for that primary.  It seems like Dean Logan's office, which includes his holdovers that are still working for King Co. Elections (Logan, himself, is now doing his "work" in the City of Angels), didn't take these electronic aberrations seriously, among all the other bizarre happenings in that office at that time and since then.  These curiosities are noted by other sources besides "Commoner," which we will examine in full later on, this week.

[revised on 9/23/10]

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