The Tottering Logan-Huff Regime

If only Mark Greene, candidate for the U.S. House in 2004, had suspected that the 9th Congressional District primary of September 14, 2004 was fraudulent, he definitely would not have let it pass without a strong protest and court challenges, but he didn't suspect or know anything about the electronic programming manipulations.  Only Dean Logan & his minions, and the corporate media establishment knew on one side, and a few dedicated election specialists, like Bev Harris, on the other side, but Harris and her acolytes received practically no media attention that September, if any at all, and her warnings about the election went completely unnoticed by Mark.  Six years later, the 41st Legislative District petition controversy has brought the 2004 primary to light, and soon there will be Freedom of Information requests for examination of ballots, and requests to the U.S. Justice Department/F.B.I. for an investigation.  If the Logan-Huff regime falls, through the 2011 election for Director of Elections, as a result of the entire petition and '04 primary controversies, it would be of their own making.

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