800 Great Washingtonians

So far, about eight hundred great Washingtonians have signed Mark's petition for Director of Elections, and Mark thanks them immensely. Without them, there would probably be no contested election for Director of Elections in King County, Washington in 2011, and the same old mismanagement, chicanery, ineptitude and corruption would be uninterupted (now, this would be a good movie for Winona Ryder to star in, something on the order of "All the President's Men" or "Wall Street" with a lot of the shadiness captured through one movie). Eight is not enough though, we will need at least twenty hundred signatures, and even with that, which would be five hundred fifty signatures more than necessary, the Logan-Huff regime might find a way to invalidate the petition, but they shouldn't even be the ones checking it (or counting the votes in the election) considering the conflict of interest involved, and the campaign will see if it is possible for a different government agency to check the petition and count the votes.

Please, request a petition page to Mark@partyofcommons.com and get 2 - 10 signatures for Mark's campaign for Director of Elections in King Co., or contribute to campaign: click on the title link above and make selections of how you want to donate, or send check or money order to P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Thank you!

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