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In news from Europe, amazingly, for no ostensible reason, Ex-Prime Minister (Ukraine) Yulia Tymoshenko was removed from her own trial in Kiev, which seems to be more evidence that this is a kangaroo trial. "Trial in absentia," as Tymoshenko's blog also put it. Whether this is a temporary move by the court authorities in Kiev or permanent for the rest of the trial is not clear at this time.

Back to America: it's unfortunate that a Democratic-controlled Congress from a couple of years ago defunded an organization, ACORN, that was assisting low-income citizens with registration, housing and civics-related issues, because of a trumped-up media frenzy that was based on false and distorted allegations. Now, Republicans in the various state houses around the nation, which they have control of most of them, are trying to make it more difficult for the poor to vote through various vote suppression laws and administrative tactics, obviously figuring that they would vote more for their opponents than for them. This is disgraceful, because a nation concerned about good civic values should be trying to enhance participation in elections by all eligible citizens, not discourage it, while also not neglecting sensible controls that would inhibit possible fraudulent activity in registrations or voting.

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