Where's Obama's Primary Challenger?

Did we get yesterday's news correct? President Obama is going to put social security up for negotiation? Somebody's kidding, right? A Democratic Party president putting up the New Deal and the Great Society as sacrificial lambs for the extreme right-wing Republican Party to make a meal from? It's no joke, apparently, because April Fool's Day passed some time ago. Surely, this will bring the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, as opposed to the Wall Street/free trade wing, to find a challenger to Obama for the Democratic nomination for president in 2012? One would think such a challenge would be in the works, since Obama's other policies, such as foreign and civil liberties, are just as bad as his tax (did not let the Bush II tax breaks for the rich expire) and just announced economic policies. Obama is banking on the fact that the choices between worst and a little less worst are the only two options for voters. Either a disgruntled Democratic Party or a populist, non-interventionist independent candidate for president in 2012, or both, should prove him wrong.

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Disclaimer: Dean Logan is an ex-director of King County Elections and the predecessor to the present incumbent (both appointed by ex-executive Ron Sims).

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leftytheliberal said…
A primary challenger wouldn't win, but might smack some sense into Obama. I'm beginning to believe that he is a stealth Republican, or solely interested in building his own personal fortune, or both. In any event, this is the last straw for me--attacking my mother is a bridge too far. I vow not to vote for him or support him in any way, and I was an activist for him in '08.
Good point, Lefty ... although, I think a charismatic primary challenger could win, but it would be very difficult. Even before Obama won the Democratic nomination in '08, I was thinking of him as an "Eisenhower Republican," but he has proven to be to the right of Eisenhower & Nixon, believe it or not.