Democrats Timid in Defending Nutrition Aid & Medicaid

Yes, of course, the Republicans want to get rid of Medicare and privatize Social Security, which the Democratic Party will gladly point out.  Social Security was doing ok on its own, by the way, until the Obama administration started tinkering with the payroll tax (FICA/Social Security) which they reduced to a 4%-or-so rate, but there is no real problem with Social Security anyway that going back to the pre-tinkering payroll tax (6 %-or-so) and removing the payroll tax cap on income (presently, income over 100K-or-so is not subject to the payroll tax after, initially, 100K-or-so is taxed) would not fix.  In fact, if the cap is removed altogether, the payroll tax could probably be set at 5% with no problem.  So a 5% rate for everybody and all income subject to the payroll tax would solve the so-called Social Security crisis, which as we just implied would really have been no crisis at all for a generation had there been no tinkering with the payroll tax.

The Republicans also want to get rid of Medicaid (a sort of medical insurance program for the poor) and so-called Food Stamps (they haven't been stamps for a long time).  So much for the "Sermon on the Mount" for this "moralistic" grand old party, yet the Democrats hardly mention those two programs in their talking points about the hard-line Republicans (we refuse to call them "Radical Republicans" out of respect for the great Radical Republicans that ended slavery about 150 years ago), especially Nutrition Aid.  So why don't the Democrats say that Nutrition Aid and Medicaid is just as important as Medicare?  Are the recipients too poor to garner sympathy from the great national concensus?  This is a Christian country, and no matter how hard Multimillionaires Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck & Co. try to ridicule and intimidate a compassionate America, the Sermon on the Mount is still in the Book of Matthew, most prominently, and other gospels as well.

[revised on 11/10/12]

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