Anderson-Rodriguez: Farewell

As regular readers of Commoner may know, I voted for Justice Party candidates, Rocky Anderson for President and Luis Rodriguez for Vice-President, of the United States of America.  Although the Anderson-Rodriguez ticket had little chance of succeeding as far as actually winning is concerned, it was a campaign based on earnest principles of human and civil rights, environmental protection, non-imperialism and respect for the Constitution.  I respect that, so I voted out of pure principle -- nothing else.

Barack Obama, despite showing courage as a politician, is a neo-liberal adventurer and a willing pawn for the corporate behemoth.  Despite the incredulous Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded, he has greatly escalated the number of weaponized drones being sent into various countries, and despite the stated aim of going after terrorists, these drones have also killed innocent civilians by the hundreds, if not thousands, in the Obama and Bush II years. This kind of inevitable indiscrimination is not only bad policy, but immoral as well.  Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, have also passed on prosecuting torturers and Wall Street hooligans, and Obama has thrown the Bill of Rights under the bus with the proviso to the National Defense Authorization Act that allows for unconstitional arrests of American citizens or others without any due process required at all.  It's amazing that this "law" passed with so little uproar by Americans. 

As for Mitt Romney, his statement behind closed doors about 47% of the population said all you really needed to know about him.  If he would have been elected, he would have been a very divisive leader in a nation that needs to come together more than ever.

I could have voted for one of several other third party or independent candidates besides Rocky Anderson, but the Anderson-Rodriguez ticket impressed me as being very genuine and honest, not that most or all of the other third party or independent candidates weren't.  Sorry, you didn't win, Rocky, you should have.

- by Mark Greene

[Originally published on Northern Pacific Report on 11/17/12; revised on 11/18/12]

Other Third Party Candidates for President & Vice President of the United States of America:

Virgil Goode and James Clymer (Constitution Party)

James Harris and Alyson Kennedy (Socialist Workers Party)

Gary Johnson and James Gray (Libertarian Party)

Peta Lindsay and Yari Osorio (Socialism and Liberation Party)

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala (Green Party)

Our apologies to any third party or independent 2012 presidential ticket that we may have left out, but write to Commoner, and we'll list any actual candidates.  Thanks.

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