Merely a Pawn

The Corporate Behemoth, half-self indulgent and half-internationalist, is merely using Barack Obama -- fresh from a victory over the charlatan/chameleon, Mitt Romney -- as a handy pawn in its grand design (grand scheme of things).  On the economy, the Corporate Chieftains have gotten their underlings in Congress to take hard right positions in order to shift the debate to the right of center as opposed to the centrist left versus centrist right debate that it used to be.  As we've implied before on Commoner, today's Democrats are yesterday's moderate Republicans, as a result of the takeover of the Party during the Reagan/Bush I era by the Tony Coelho - Bill Clinton wing of the party.  In other words, Corporate Democrat suddenly became  a recognized term as opposed to the days when Democrats at least felt a little embarrassed over their corporate affiliations, and thus would put up a little fight -- or big one occasionally -- for commoners that put them in office.  The 2012 version of the Democratic Party has become a party that Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller would have been very comfortable in, and those three were actually a little left of today's Democrats.  We never heard Ike, Nixon and Rockefeller talk about putting Social Security on the table for some kind of "grand" bargain.  Mr. Obama, following in the footsteps of Coelho and Clinton, is merely a useful pawn for the Corporate Behemoth, and thus being used to sell "Kool-aid" to the masses.  Real Democrats (or economic progressives) are a dwindling breed: "Where have you gone Dennis Kucinich, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you" (paraphrasing the lyrics of "Mrs. Robinson," by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel).

Post script:  Dennis Kucinich, an economic progressive, is finishing his last days in the lame-duck 112th Congress after being defeated by another Democrat in the Ohio Primary earlier this year.

[revised on 2/12/13]

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