A Strictly Political Oxymoron

Although, we take a lot of positions on "Commoner" that could be regarded as liberal (as well as conservative), we noticed that if anybody goes against the grain, as we often do, of one or more tenants of the liberal orthodoxy, then liberals can be very quick to assign a disreputable tag on someone or some idea, pretty much reflexively and without nuance.  Although, we are quite sure that they are quite aware of the anti-intellectualism involved with much of their intolerance to people who don't agree with them on everything, they will distort anyway, because they think it's good politics.  Not that conservatives don't do the same thing in regards to outliers from their philosophy, but it just seems like liberal intolerance and "know-nothingism" seems to be more noticeable, because liberals are suppose to be, well, liberal.  After all, the phrase "liberal intolerance" is kind of an oxymoron.

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