Professional Democrats: Stealth Burglars

Did you notice that the Treasury Department stopped sending those Social Security (S.S.) account briefings to everybody in America who pays into S.S., some years ago?  The letters that explained exactly how much you earned over your entire working career and showed how much you could expect to receive in S.S. when you retire.  Oh, so you're probably thinking that it was the Bush II rule that stopped these letters to the public.  No, curiously enough, it was the Obama regime, and believe it or not, the Democrats controlled the entire federal governmental apparatus when this happened; in other words, Obama (White House), Pelosi (House) and Biden/Reid (Senate) back in the days of the 111th Congress.  So why would the alleged great protectors of Social Security throw out one of its best selling points, these letters or pamphlets that gave an individualized account of how S.S. earnings would eventually be paid out to us?  Of course, it would have made sense if Bush II, "The Advocate for Privatizing S.S.," had done this, but that's simply not the case.  In fact, the Democratic Party did this, because they'll use the memory of F.D.R. and the New Deal to get elected while at the same time sneakily diminishing S.S. by Chinese Water Torture, so to speak.

After stopping the pamphlets, the Democrats in cahoots with their Republican Partners In Crime, then lowered the payroll tax by a third, so that the funding of S.S. would be undermined, and now they are talking about means-testing (to make S.S. one of those "despised" welfare programs, apparently) and rolling back or eliminating cost-of-living adjustments.  Of course, Obama and the Democrats are not going to just come out and say that Social Security is done for until these stealth burglars take it apart piece by piece, thus no great showy anti-S.S. statement that would be bad for their politics.  Actually, they won't have to make any statement at all, since S.S. could just wither on the vine unless the People start watching the so-called "Vanguard of the New Deal" like a hawk.  On the other hand, the People are really going to have to start considering the Democrats and the Republicans as one, and form a new party.

[revised on 12/23/12]

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