Blackburn Demands, Obama Dithers

While President Obama talks smack  -- on the one hand saying he is not going to tolerate Republican gamesmanship on the debt limit, on the other hand saying he's not going to apply the 14th Amendment to raise the debt limit without Congress, nor is he going to mint a high value coin or coins (the Treasury Dept. just recently announced that they won't mint special coins) -- one of the Tea Party fanatics, Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, was just on TV saying, in so many words, that she and her Republican compatriots mean business when it comes to shutting down the government or not raising the debt limit, if necessary from their point of view.  Blackburn effectively said that Obama had better start cutting "programs" if he doesn't want trouble from her and her like-minded colleagues, in other words, the Tea Party crazies. 

Of course, Blackburn didn't specify which programs she wanted cut, but this is part and parcel of the Republican strategy in talking about all the amorphous entitlements and programs that they want to cut, but generally not saying which ones.  Well, we'll spell it out here.  Even while refusing to not get rid of outrageous tax exemptions for some big businesses, especially the highly profitable Big Oil companies, or other government largesse for rich corporations (a fairly recent example would be the Wall Street bailouts), what the Republicans mean by entitlements and programs that they want to cut to near extinction or entirely get rid of is the following: Social Security Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Environmental and Food Safety programs, Unemployment Insurance, Food Nutrition programs, Infrastructure programs, Pell Grants, Student Loans and other Educational Assistance programs (including the financing of public schools), or anything else that helps the middle class stay afloat, keeps the poor from outright destitution (or if already destitute, starvation) and provides for the general domestic tranquility of the nation. 

This is what Blackburn and Company (including a bunch of Congressional Democrats that agree with Blackburn) mean by "programs" while they refuse to raise appropriate revenue for the good of the country.  Meanwhile, Obama and the so-called Party of the People cowers and dithers, if not outright deceive.

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