Palinesque Pols

Rep. Loretta Sanchez was just on TV this morning, and she has Sarah Palin written all over her, in other words, she's not exactly an intellectual -- but she's in Congress.  Among other things, she was talking about Newt Gingrich, presumably in his former role as Speaker of the House of Representatives, shutting down the government in "'93/'94," according to her.  The problem with that timeline is that Tom Foley of Washington State was the Speaker during those years, the 103rd Congress (Gingrich did not become Speaker until 1995, the advent of the 104th Congress).  A lot of these Congress people -- not just Sanchez -- popping up on TV shouldn't even be invited to a high school civics debate session, let alone appear on TV and act like they know what they're talking about.  Yet, some people in the Seattle area have the nerve to roll their eyes at commoners' campaigns, because the corrupt mainstream press, i.e., the Times and the network TV news stations, here, refused to give campaigns of mine and others the imprimatur of newsworthiness.  After all, they realize that some candidates are not the corporate sycophants that they are used to.

[revised on 1/15/2013; typo corrected on 1/20/2013]

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