Common Citizens Being Overrun By Internationalism

In these days, when common citizens of America can hardly get the "holy grail" of a job, anymore, because of elite internationalists running most of the big companies in the nation, and favoring foreigners or internationalists over citizens who refuse to be internationalists for their executives and managers, and increasingly for the overall workforce, Americans who know better than to trust the political and economic status quo are going to have to redouble their efforts to compete politically against one-party "Democratic-Republican" rule in America.  The fantasy of the so-called two party system in America is becoming uncovered and exposed by the brazen internationalism of the "Democratic-Republican Party," which for a long time has allowed companies to flee to foreign destinations and permanently set up businesses and industries abroad, and still allows them to avoid paying taxes needed for, among other things, infrastructure and education, here, and also allows these internationalist companies to import workers by the millions, replacing Americans who are not as pliable as the corporate behemoth would like them to be. 

Unfortunately, the West Coast, generally, is practically the center of this huge internationalist and anti-commoner project, so the politically oppositional and nationalistic Commons Party is needed, here, more than ever.  It won't be long before the "Democratic-Republican Party" even tries to overturn the constitutional rule that only natural-born citizens can run for president, as they have considered that change, recently (until they dare do so, that means that the much talked about Canadian-born senator and fanatic from Texas, Ted Cruz, is still not eligible to be president; thank goodness).  Yet, why should they bother with changing the Constitution, since there are more than enough home-grown internationalists to fill the role of de facto emperor of the world?  Sadly, America's one party system is un-American in more ways than one.