Television & Peddling Internationalism

Fitting like a glove with their pro globalization & open borders fixation, pro internationalist MSNBC is showcasing a so-called global citizens extravaganza, as "global citizen" is just another name for "internationalist," and yet another front in that cable television network's continued propagandistic diminution of the long-standing economic and governmental foundations of which average citizens depend on their livelihood for, and the "governmental" side being a major part of our national identity.  A foundation, overall, that at least can be shaped through democratic means to work in the interests of all citizens, where citizens have every advantage, and one that upholds the common culture.  Globalization, however, is the antithesis of democracy, and the entire experiment has been a disaster for the poor and the working class, and not much better for the middle class.  America's "Democratic-Republican" party [singular] hasn't hesitated to join the internationalist combine at the first opportunity, as the most fervent of internationalists seemingly want a predominate "one world" oligarchy-controlled system, or at least that would be the effect of it if they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  If the new Orwellian world reaches its apex, even glimmers of democracy and liberty will be hard to find.

[revised on 9/25/14]