Secretary of Chaos

About Eight to a Dozen Good Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton:  Her Governmental Record

Well, we really didn't count them exactly, however, Gary Leupp wrote a good article with point by point detailing about Hillary Clinton's penchant for imperialism and aggression.  It seems like every time the "best and the brightest" decide to topple a dictator/head-of-state they don't like, they make things exponentially worst.  Surely, with the knowledge coming from Leupp's article, some Democratic Party politician or two, that have common sense, are going to challenge her for the nomination and not let her have a coronation.  If it's a woman, so much the better.  We really don't believe Hillary Clinton would be as invincible in Democratic primaries and caucuses as some of these pundits seem to think she would be.  A choice that would essentially be between Hillary and, say, Jeb Bush, would be the most disastrous quandary ever to face a presidential electorate in American history.

[revised on 2/18/15]