Obama Govt. Shows Their Internationalist Colors

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (trade agreement), being pushed by President Obama and his cronies, is a terrible idea that would be a nightmare for American workers.  This agreement, if enacted into law, would give the internationalist overlords of the world economy even more crushing control of U.S. economic levers than they already have, and would push the majority of America's workforce into indentured servitude.  This is the straw that broke the camel's back as to whether there was any doubt or not that the current government is in the hands of true blue internationalists intent on auctioning off what's left of our sovereignty, regarding trade and economics, to the highest bidders.  This takes up where GTO and NAFTA, et al., left off.  Please, write your congressmen and senators and tell them to vote against this monstrosity.  Thank you!

[revised on 2/19/15]