A New Detente or "Hillary the Hawk"

So with all the talk from some commentators about how distasteful Donald Trump's seemingly cozying up to Russia's president, Putin, is to them; I have been trying to figure out what is the downside of two potential leaders, who would share the overwhelming majority of the world's arsenal of nuclear weapons, being buddies?  Nothing at all, I surmise.  After all, we should have much better relations with Russia than Obama's same old "poking the bear" policies, which are frankly dangerous and could set off World War III. 

Why is the corrupt Obama regime, which if you remember in '08 was suppose to be the "change" administration, continuing the same confrontational mindset and policies of encircling Russia's borders with NATO memberships (a broken U.S. promise of not to do that, by the way, when the old Soviet Union dismantled)?  Why are we confronting Russia with missile defense systems in Europe, that laughably are suppose to be a shield against Iran's "non-nuclear" missiles, when every security expert in the world knows that this is really trying to make Russia's missiles less threatening, which when it comes to nuclear weapons is an indefensible theory if they were ever to be actually set off (the nuclear clouds, alone, would do in humanity in a very short time)? 
And Trump's ideas of reconsidering security relationships everywhere, if only to modify or restructure them, including NATO, is not a bad idea.  On the other hand, however, I do criticize Trump's very unwise suggestion of essentially abandoning NPT (the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) altogether, by looking the other way if other countries, like Japan and South Korea, decided to build their own nukes.   That's just crazy.  We need to strengthen NPT, by actually doing what it says, which means the 5 primary nuclear powers making real and continual progress to dismantle their own nuclear weapons, and international sanctions on the 4 outlier nuclear powers. 

Trump, by being friendly to Russia, is at least setting the groundwork for the best possible outcome, unlike Hillary the Hawk, with her track record, who is nothing but the status quo or worst, but Trump with a chance, through deals with Putin, to be a refreshing change from the Obama regime's con game about a "world without nukes," while at the very same time laying the groundwork for the most advanced refurbishment and addition of nuclear weapons in history.

-- Mark Greene, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Washington

[Title changed and revised generally on 8/9/16.]