Kim Wyman: Best Secretary of State in U.S.

Important:  Re-elect Kim Wyman for Secretary of State

Other than the obvious, of course, "Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor," the Revived Citizens Party is not making a lot of endorsements for offices for the Primary election that will conclude on August 2nd.  However, control of the Secretary of State's Office is so important to fairly run elections in Washington, we are endorsing Kim Wyman for Secretary of State.  Besides Wyman's obvious competency, fairness and skills in running the office for the last 4 years, her re-election is best to make sure that the King County Elections Department doesn't get any influence in the top elections office, thereby keeping it from being staffed by former Dean Logan appointees/protégés (not that we're 100% sure that there are none there, now, but at least they would be kept to a minimum under Wyman as opposed to Podlodowski).  The last thing we need is for the Secretary of State's Office to become Logan-ized, or for Dean Logan's most renowned protégé, Sherril Huff, to suddenly become a chief aide there.  Please, vote for Wyman for Secretary of State!
[Originally posted on Washingtonian on July 24, 2016, under title, "Pierce County, Washington"]