Baiters Versus President-Elect Trump

Professional race ideologues see everything through the prism of race, and many of them are already harping and carping about our new president-elect, Donald Trump, unwilling to give President-elect Trump a chance, a little more than two months away before he takes the oath of office.  These are the same race ideologues, mostly minority, that made the decision to use divisive, exclusive slogans for police reform, notwithstanding that a broad cross-section of people, white and black, may have concerns regarding that as well.  The same self-obsessed ideologues that only have grievances about race or politics, generally, if it affects themselves or their ability to capitalize on radical left, secularist, globalist politics.

But that is of little or no concern to these internationalist-minded, professional ideologues who rarely, if ever, have any sense of patriotism, as they, by and large, are casting their lot with the Global Citizen/One World Order that many of them are feverishly trying to bring about; and if they succeeded with this brand of disunion, it would unfortunately be the downfall -- gradual or quickly -- of our Jeffersonian democracy & national self-determination. 

In contrast, President-elect Trump should resist the pressure of these baiters and stand tall for our traditions, our democracy, and our nation, e pluribus unum.  Regular readers of Commoner realize that we didn't support either of the major-party candidates for president in the 2016 election, as this party thinks a third-party ascendancy would be an important check on the two party powers (really one), but may the Almighty help our new president-elect if tradition, democracy, and cohesiveness of nation are, indeed, his endeavors.

[Revised on Nov. 14, 2016.]