Dave Chappelle's Monologue: Doubtful or Just Outright Lie?

Some people can say almost anything, and get away with it because they have a certain status, like being a celebrity on "Saturday Night Live."  Chappelle mentioned the educator Booker T. Washington's visit to the White House when Theodore Roosevelt was president.  Chappelle said that after Roosevelt received all kinds of flak for having Washington in the White House, he used a familiar racially derogatory term to refer to the famous black educator/activist.  This after Roosevelt and his family just had dinner with Washington in the White House.  Where did Chappelle get this from?  Which if false, is essentially defaming the late President Roosevelt.  I think it's false.  In all the books that I have read about this event that happened in the early 1900s, I have never read one account of Roosevelt referring to Washington like that.  Like I said, some people like Dave Chappelle can say just about anything, but it doesn't make it true.

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[Revised on Nov. 21, 2016.]