Americanism vrs. Globalism

The liberal globalist cabal who harp and carp about President Trump and his America-first, anti-globalist policies, have thus far managed (with the help of so-called conservative Republicans, by the way) to engineer a globalism that has almost doubled the populous since the 1976 Bi-centennial (even with the lowered birth rate brought about by so-called pro choice-ism), increased housing costs throughout America, increased homelessness, made it harder for college graduates and non-graduates alike to get jobs, but doubly harder for non-graduates & non-elite citizens generally. Even foreign/non-citizen globalists have the temerity to pronounce, inside or outside of America, that there is some kind of international right to settle in America, believe it or not. 

The political struggle for whether America will remain American or become purely Globalist continues, and even though the globalists have practically all the victories so far, it seems as though they won't be content until globalism has triumphed beyond their wildest dreams, including, of course, the one-world order that they are so devotedly trying to bring about, although wisely stalled by the Trump & 3rd party electorate combined.

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[Revised on Jan. 29, 2017.]


One of MSNBC's globalist reporters/anchors, Ali Velshi, was actually standing in Detroit, Michigan during their broadcast, today, and said that he was, or probably was, meters from Canada. In America, we use miles, not meters. Apparently, the journalist's acculturation process is apparently incomplete.

[Originated Jan. 9, 2017; revised on Feb. 12, 2017.]