Media Nonsense and Lady Liberty

A domestic publication had President Trump blowing out the torch of Lady Liberty, and foreign publications have their own variations, cartoonish, distorting or otherwise, that reach the same conclusion, which basically feeds the narrative that Trump's tightening up a bit the open door policy, though hardly closing it, is somehow radical or unprecedented.  However, the open door policy is basically something that has been practiced in the last few decades, as America from 1920 to 1980, more or less, had a modest to moderate √©migr√© policy and never saw the likes of the current globalist fever during those 60-or-so years, and really has never seen the likes of it at all, as this generation's policies have even outpaced the Ellis Island days of the turn of the 20th century -- so much for perspective by the liberal media, that plants a false Lady Liberty narrative in order to further their globalist ideologies.

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