Kaepernick & the Radical Globalist Left

We tried to get by without ever mentioning Colin Kaepernick's name on "Commoner" (or elsewhere), but the fake news media is running with the ball, so to speak, so just to let them know that their, Kaepernick's and LeBron James' propaganda doesn't work with the Revived Citizens Party, the party stands as follows:

Starting with multimillionaire Kaepernick's decision last year to metaphorically thumb his nose at the National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," and to sit on the bench or kneel on a knee while the Anthem was playing, because he thinks America has too many faults or something like that, he became the Pied Piper of disrespecting national symbols, particularly the Anthem, apparently until the country yields to whatever his particular idea of what a nation should be is.  However, even if Kaepernick's concerns do merit some kind of national rectification, which they may well indeed, when would our nation ever stop not living up to someone's or some group's or some populous segment's standards?  The answer is never, because nations, like people, are not perfect.  What we should do when we see problems is work to solve them, peacefully and respectfully, especially in regards to our nation as a whole.  Even to protest, but never by being disrespectful to our national symbols, which represent every American citizen.

Kaepernick started disrespecting the Anthem and the flag during the Obama era, when it really didn't catch on with his colleagues or the globalist, radical left-wing, because somewhat ironically they gave the Obama regime a pass (Obama was certainly a hard-core globalist, but barely left-wing, if at all).  However, when Donald Trump became president, the globalism-over-America crowd decided that Kaepernick's cause was a useful bandwagon to hop on, and so far, a small minority of Kaepernick's football colleagues, anxiously and unwisely wanting to politicize sports during the beginning stages of the Trump era, jumped on board as well. 

President Trump is right on one particular point, if you choose to disrespect our nation's symbols at your workplace, rather than doing it on your own time as your First Amendment rights guarantee, don't be shocked if you're fired or suddenly finding it harder to find a job, although Mr. Trump could have said it more tactfully.  Many American commoners have been fired or became unemployable for transgressions or alleged transgressions a lot less than that.

This is what the globalist, radical left-wing is all about: tearing down our country's institutions and symbols, instilling the nation with all manner of Un-American and foreign influences, and trying to institute a neo-Leninist and neo-Castroite dogma, and political and economic system.  The end of America as we know it if somehow they should succeed.  Let Kaepernick & Company count their millions ($$$) at home.

[Revised on 9/25/17.]


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