Election 2008

The Corporate Mainstream News Media (CMNM) has deliberately chosen not to cover third party or independent candidates for president of the United States or for any other office, by and large, in this election year. This long-lived institutional bias has been tremendously instrumental in freezing in the so-called two party system, thereby denying Americans anything other than a bare-bones, nominal democracy. As a third party ourselves, the Party of Commons is committed to broadening the political horizons of our republic by helping to expand popular electoral support beyond the two party system, in spite of the CMNM. With that goal in mind, we are employing a "safe states" strategy in regards to our endorsements and the presidential election of 2008.

We do not have our own candidate for president this election, but we previously gave a qualified endorsement to Barack Obama, a candidate with several political flaws, but far preferable to his main opponent, John McCain, a consistent warmonger and imperialist. We are also recommending a vote for third party and independent candidates, with a progressive-traditional philosophy, in safe states; in other words, states in which the election outcome for either of the major party candidates is little in question.

This is the pragmatic compromise that the Party of Commons is making given our wariness about the "two party system" nominees.

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