Going With Gregoire

The Party of Commons has not been a fan of Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, mainly due to her socially radical views and unquestioning support of the most extreme aspects of biotechnology, but we are going with her in the 2008 election rather than Dino Rossi. Rossi makes us uneasy on economic issues, such as his being agreeable to lowering the minimum wage (now, he's denying it, but we saw a t.v. clip that all but verifies he wouldn't mind lowering the minimum wage); after all, even the state minimum wage, which is higher than the federal minimum, is not a living wage, given the high cost of housing these days. In other ways, Rossi also seems eagerly pro-corporation and that doesn't bode well for common everyday workers in Washington.

A group that supports Rossi is running particularly sleazy ads against Gregoire, and Rossi hasn't repudiated the ads. The P.O.C. is not, in theory, against political advertisements that contrasts a candidate's views with those of his or her opponent(s), but they should not be distasteful, nor should they distort the truth.

It seems that we made the right decision when we rescinded our previous endorsement of Rossi, months ago, in favor of our primary endorsee who didn't manage to advance to the general election, so now we're supporting the re-election of Christine Gregoire.

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