Iraq Pacts Should Be A Treaty

The Bush rule has gotten so used to flaunting the Constitution, that nobody much pays attention when they do it anymore, let alone an opposing stand by the representatives and senators in Congress. Their latest transgression has been trying to force Strategic Framework and Status of Forces initiatives on the Maliki government in Iraq with no intention of making these initiatives a treaty. Maliki has been somewhat resisting the clearly imperialistic pacts that would concede much control of his nation to a foreign power. The Bush rule has essentially told Congress that the pact is none of their business, a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution as indicated in Article 2, Section 2, which strongly implies that these kinds of international pacts constitute treaties. Treaties must be approved by two thirds of the Senate. Was Patty Murray, senator from Washington, challenging this usurpation of senatorial authority? We doubt it. If the Bush rule, or a possible Obama or McCain administration, eventually comes to terms with the Maliki government regarding these pacts, they should be construed as a treaty and voted on.

[This essay was revised on 10/25/08.]

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