Obama's Change: Keeping Bush's Lawbreakers

George W. Bush has conducted the most immoral, disgraceful and unlawful governance of America since the Revolution of 1776, yet the president-elect, Obama, is not intending or is at least not clear about clearing the government of Bush's band of lawbreakers and the most unprincipled imperialists, like Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense. For instance, there are reports that Obama wants to keep Michael Hayden in place at CIA. Hayden is one of the architects of the illegal, warrantless domestic surveillance program authorized by Bush & Cheney, and condoned by the Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Gates has not lifted a finger to stop the reckless military policies in war zones that have led to countless civilian deaths, something that the elected president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, and Obama himself (at least during the election campaign), have both deplored, and Gates supports Bush's war policies to the hilt. How many other of Bush's lawbreakers will keep their jobs in an Obama administration? These same lawbreakers are no doubt the very same people harassing America's dissidents and loyal opposition to this day, especially minor political parties. Obama should either keep his campaign promises and break with the recent past or just admit that his campaign was a gigantic hoax.

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