Nothing's Changed

That was quick. Barack Obama has not even taken the oath of office yet, and he has already shown his corporate/military industrial complex cards. We're not stupid, Obama's appointments during the transition thus far have told us everything we need to know about the next administration, as we suggested in a previous essay, "The Transition is Looking Shoddy," and it is not good. It takes a lot of gall to make the word "change" your campaign motto and then keep Bush's Secretary of Defense in place and stack the government with Clintonite re-threads. The P.O.C. has always been skeptical about Obama, but we thought he would at least try to make a show of change rather than make outright fools of the people who really believed what he said.

The best we can say about the next administration is that it won't be led by McCain and Palin, but that is faint praise. This is going to be a government just as imperialistic as Bush's and only the name of the emperor is going to change. We can only hope that the Obama-Biden-Clinton administration will not meddle in foreign affairs too much, because as the last quarter century has shown us, meddling has done us and the planet not much good, hardly any, but it has caused a lot of planetary misery. Maybe, Obama is sincere about making progress in tamping down the business of weapons of mass destruction, but that will take international cooperation that Bush and his cronies disdained, and respecting the treaties and the internationally sanctioned organizations that were put in place to limit it and contain it.


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