The Limbaugh-ite DisInformation Campaign

The Limbaugh-ite Propaganda Machine, still reeling due to the fact that the McCain-Palin ticket was defeated in the election, has continued with the disinformation campaign that they used during the election campaign. For instance, the disinformation about President Obama's place of birth, which is completely ludicrous. To us, the most credible proof that the president was born in Hawaii is the fact that a Hawaiian newspaper, published in 1961, listed his birth. However, the Limbaugh-ite Propaganda Machine, run by the Limbaugh-ite glitterati for the most part, does not care about facts, because their mission is to spread disinformation and propaganda.

Now, they are telling lies, sending false e-mails, and making all kinds of wild assertions about the president's position on guns and the Second Amendment, and we won't give the lies more traction by repeating and discrediting them in this essay. Suffice it to say from our standpoint that the president firmly supports the Second Amendment and the right of the citizenry to bear arms, and neither the president nor his Attorney General have said anything close to some of the wilder falsehoods that are coming from this particular disinformation campaign. As in all disinformation campaigns, these are deliberate lies being used to manipulate the public, and these in particular are being used to discredit the president. As readers of "Commoner" well know, we don't always support the president's positions, but disinformation campaigns to discredit him are particularly disreputable, and every true patriot should denounce these falsehoods.

[revised on 4/22/09]

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