New Blogs

The Party of Commons has started a new blog, "Evergreen," that will be about the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest, generally, and the environment. This blog, "Commoner," will be more about national and general interests, and "Evergreen" will concentrate on Washington and the region, and ecological matters. You can see it by clicking on the title link, above.

We think these two blogs will compliment each other well. We also have a Yahoo blog, "Red Wings," the biography of our chairman, Mark Greene, but you will have to go through a special entry, as explained on the main blog page, in order to see it.


Red Wings:


We have started yet another blog on April 25, 2009, called "Senator" (recognizing the Party of Commons Senate), which will cover election campaigns that the Party of Commons is involved in, national issues, and issues from states outside of the Pacific Northwest ("Evergreen" will cover the Pacific Northwest). We hope you will enjoy this new blog.


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