Web of Scoundrels

With the all the revelations about torture, extraordinary renditions, and brutish little secret prisons around the world being run by the government coming out drip by drip, there are indeed a web of scoundrels in the Congress, intelligence agencies, and elsewhere in the government that break Constitutional, Christian and general moral edicts against cruel and unusual punishment, and the Obama administration is, by and large, shrugging it off. This in a country that has pretty much a merciless criminal justice system, where the federal government and the states lock up more people for longer periods of time than just about anywhere else in the world, for mostly non-violent though nominally criminal acts.

We know why the Pelosi-crats did not impeach Bush & Cheney for a variety of reasons in the two years that they shared power together, because the Pelosi-crat leadership was joined to the hip with the Cheney-Bush administration in violating Constitutional and international laws in general. The fact that the Democrats did not change their leadership at the start of the 111th Congress, shows that virtually all of them were in at least nominal agreement with the Bush-Pelosi undermining of the Constitution and the rule of law. This lack of a moral compass is why this Congress goes along with sending billions of tax dollars to prop up brutal regimes around the world and foists their self-proclaimed imperial mandate on the planet, generally. This is clearly against Jesus's doctrine as stated on the Sermon of the Mount, as written in the Gospel of Matthew, but the majority in Congress seemingly do not really believe in Jesus or the Constitution, despite that most of them are Christian. In Congress, only the great dissenter, Ron Paul, and a handful of others had the nerve to speak out against these travesties.

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