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It appears a few feathers have been ruffled because our chairman, Mark Greene, has been referring to himself as a senator. Mark doesn't have to justify his title to detractors of the Party of Commons, but he never claimed to be a senator in the United States Senate. That should be a clue to people whom it didn't dawn on that there are senators in institutions other than the U.S. Senate. Mark Greene is, in fact, a senator in the Party of Commons Senate, a uniquely established entity in our party apparatus, which will be the institution for our most distinguished members, who in turn will serve as our senior advisory committee for party affairs.


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Mark's first person essay entitled, "I Am a Senator," is in the comments section.

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"I Am a Senator"

Essay written in the first person by Mark Greene

Ever since 1964, when my mother and I were shopping at Hudson's in Detroit, and she bought me a pictorial book about American presidents, I knew that I was destined to be in politics. That same year, President Johnson was so impressed with a speech that I wrote as a grade schooler, I received a commendation from the White House (unfortunately, it was lost several years later).

Although, I have never been elected to a position to this date, I have made impressive showings in elections ever since my first run for office for the Michigan House of Representatives in 1976, where I won a few precincts in Detroit from which a lot of Polish-Americans lived. Mom said I wouldn't have won a single precinct except for the support that I received from Polish-Americans. Years later, when I no longer lived in Detroit, I was very upset to learn that Polish neighborhoods were being taken over through eminent domain, because the corporate powers in Detroit wanted more land. I forgot who said that "even the dictator, Stalin, didn't tear down churches," as this person commented on the Detroit situation. I don't know if that's true, but I have made it a commitment in my political career to stand up for Commoner America as the corporate behemoth paralyzes our communities unabated.

The highlight of my career was winning back-to-back statewide major-party nominations for the U.S. House of Representatives in Alaska (2000 and 2002). I shocked the establishment powers in Juneau and the Democrats in Washington, D.C., who seemed concerned about a real populist getting one of the House nominations. They didn't help out my campaigns with a single penny. Since then, I have formed my own party, the Party of Commons, and have created a party senate for our most distinguished members, which I believe is unique among political parties in the United States. I am a senator in the Party of Commons Senate. I have earned the title of senator through decades of political activism, and I continue to work in politics, tirelessly.


Mark Greene traveled to Poland for the first time in 2003 and enjoyed touring the city of Warsaw.

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