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The old chestnut about job hunting is that it's about who you know more than who you are.  One cannot help but think the same thing about elections after browsing through the on-line [so-called] Progressive Voters Guide, but also the 2012 King County Voters' Pamphlet.  Believe it or not, this so-called progressive guide lists "blue dog" Democrat, Adam Smith, as thier choice for congressman in the 9th Congressional District.  This is the congressman who voted for the invasion of Iraq, the dismantlement of Glass-Steagall, the nuclear energy deal with India (which was effectively a pot shot at the Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Treaty) and the Wall Street bail-outs.  There's more, but Commoner doesn't specialize in long essays.  That's your progressive choice according to the [so-called] Progressive Voters Guide, even though there seems to be a couple of Democratic alternatives in the 9th that are more progressive than Smith, and one of the two others, Dave Christie, is clearly more progressive, going by the pamphlet.  Even one of the Republicans listed in the pamphlet doesn't pay homage to the global militarist doctrine that Smith does, and not only does John Orlinski want to end wars, but he supports the Glass-Steagall Act that Smith voted against (by casting a "yea" vote for Gramm-Leach-Bliley). Yet, Smith is the choice of the [so-called] Progressive Voters Guide.  Another example of seeming perfidy by this guide, though not as clear, is the listing of Karen Porterfield for congresswoman in the 8th CD. Ok, so not much is known about her, maybe she is a real progressive, but how come Keith Arnold doesn't at least get a mention in their guide, if not an endorsement, as his pamphlet entry deals more with specifics about some progressive ideas more than Porterfield's generalities?  In other positions they list, this so-called progressive guide mentions candidates not endorsed or endorsed along with one or more others that they support or might otherwise support.  Maybe, Mr. Arnold just doesn't have the "right" connections.  The most glaring example of perfidy by this guide is listing Bill Finkbeiner, a Republican in name only, and yet another "blue dog" Democrat, Brad Owen, as their [double] choices for Lieutenant Governor.  Well, we guess Finkbeiner makes some sense to their way of thinking, after all, he is a RINO, but his laissez faire economic stance hardly qualifies him as a progressive; he's more a blue dog-type Democrat than anything else.  Mark Greene, not mentioned anywhere in this guide, is truly the economic progressive in the Lieutenant Governor's race.  These choices by the [so-called] Progressive Voters Guide are on a par, by the way, with the Washington State Labor Council endorsing Owen (who's very mediocre on labor issues, and who snubbed the WSLC Convention) instead of Mark Greene -- quite ridiculous.  As this essay began, it's who you know ....

Post-script:  Although we detest giving them any recognition that may infer credibility, we're posting the link to the [so-called] Progressive Voters Guide for the interest of not confusing them with maybe another similarly named guide that might actually be progressive.

[revised on 7/27/12]

If possible, please, consider contributing to campaign: make selections of how you want to donate, or send check or money order to Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor Comm., P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Also, Mark is depending on supporters to spread the word about the campaign to get around the media bias regarding non-establishment campaigns. Thank you! Mark is probably the only politician in Washington that had the temerity to keep the 2004 election shenanigans in the news as late as 2011 and to call out names. Elections are too important for shams to be ignored and for accountability to be neglected.

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