Flim Flam

At the risk of giving more publicity to the indefensible, the propaganda documentary "2016" reportedly had the best box office receipts at theaters last week, believe it or not.  This movie is obviously a rightist attempt to distort facts and influence the presidential election of 2012 in favor of Mr. Romney.  Where's Hollywood with a really good movie just when we need one to drown out the propaganda-of-the-hour?  [Even Hollywood can come up with a good movie every once in a blue moon.]  The fact that a sleazy, flim-flam artist, Dinesh D'Souza, is behind this so-called documentary is really all you need to know about the film.  This writer has practically made a career out of trying to make one racial group (U.S. blacks) look bad, and apparently -- though unfortunately -- that pays handsomely in America if you can fool enough people into thinking that you are an intellectual or historian. 

Practically just on the basis of some of President Obama's worst detractors, it almost makes me want to vote for the president, but that's not quite enough to keep me from voting for whatever ok 3rd-party candidate is available.

by Mark Greene

[revised on 8/30/12]

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