The Romney Convention: "Blame Poor People"

The Romney/Republican Convention, just after its first full day, is shameless for their verbal attacks on poor people and welfare recipients, the overwhelming majority of which are families with children.  There is hardly a state in the union, if any, that still gives physically able-bodied single adults any "welfare" at all unless nutrition aid is counted as welfare.  If it was up to the Romney Convention, however, all welfare recipients and nutrition aid recipients would starve no matter if there are no jobs and that the nation is in a depression.  So much for "Do not hinder the little children," as Jesus said.  By the way, Ryan's Budget (that is Paul Ryan, Romney's vice-presidential choice) eliminates or makes draconian cuts to programs for the poor and elderly (Nutrition Aid, Medicaid and Medicare), while at the same time leaving the tax breaks for his Billionaire, Multimillionaire, and Millionaire friends in place, and even making further tax cuts for the rich, believe it or not. 

Poor people did not make the decision to start the reckless war in Iraq 10 years ago, nor sent manufacturing and jobs to foreign destinations in such a massive way as to render the nation's economy as basically a service economy in the last decade-or-so as opposed to the foremost manufacturer of the world that America could once claim title to, nor did poor people make the illegal or unethical financial manipulations on Wall Street and in the mortgage industry that practically caused the collapse of the entire U.S. economy.  These are inconvenient facts that the Romney Convention is ignoring so that they can celebrate blaming the nation's woes on welfare mothers.  Although, shameless and pathetic, could it work for them, nevertheless?

Post-script:  the nation's "welfare" budget is relatively minuscule.  Meanwhile, Romney, Ryan and Co. want to completely end estate taxes (which only a tiny, rich portion of America pays) and institute a new kind of landed gentry in America, which trumps "welfare" expenditures by a great amount.  Give the devil his due, though, because their good at sounding patriotic and upholding so-called basic American values -- with a nod and wink to their rich friends, of course.  In other words, fool the masses, make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

[revised on 8/29/12]

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