Orwell Would Have Loved This Convention

The writer of "1984," George Orwell, would have loved this just completed 2012 Republican Convention with its jingoistic pageantry, Buckingham Palace-style ceremony, prideful chest-beating patriotism, blustering, disrespectful ridicule and distortions of political opponents (complete with an allegedly talking magical chair), willful ignorance of science, particularly about global warming & climate change, wooden politicians, bellicose warmongering, "blame the poor" scapegoating, fetishism of guns, phony religionism (anyone who might have read from the Sermon on the Mount at this Convention would have been promptly escorted out by security guards), obeisance to unrestrained capitalism and its rich & powerful beneficiaries, syrupy romanticism about family, and even a featured pariah, namely Ron Paul (the lone bit of sanity about foreign policy there); albeit, not allowed to speak for all intents and purposes.  It was all at this Orwellian convention.  An interesting show that probably played right into the hands of the Democratic Party.

[revised on 8/31/12]

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