Bush II Redux

All is not well in America, and while Russia throws female protestors who don't like Putin from jail to the gulag this week, and Ukraine torments those who dare to be in the political opposition, the United States, with the consent of the corrupt Congress, steals or reads mail, reads e-mail and otherwise invades the privacy of those who have done nothing more than use First Amendment rights to dissent against the government, among worst offences that the U.S. commits against innocent people.  The so-called liberal Obama administration is nothing but Bush II Redux, but they're a little more skillful in the public relations realm that makes people think there has been change for the better.  A lot less bombast and bluster, but still changing nothing from the Bush II era except being worst in some areas.  Of course, the charlatan, Mitt Romney, would be worst than Bush or Obama.  Authoritarians still hold the reins of power in America.

[revised on 10/24/12]

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