Nuclear Policy is Stupid

There have been flashbacks on the news recently about how close humanity has come to suicidal self-destruction via nuclear bombs, namely the Cuban Missile Crisis during the John Kennedy presidency, and the Russian naval officer that refused to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S., during the Ronald Reagan presidency, because of an alarm that turned out to be faulty.  Now, a generation since the false alarm, U.S. nuclear policy is entirely focused on Iran not getting the bomb instead of more broadly pressuring all the nuclear outliers (Israel, Pakistan, India and North Korea) into dismantling their nuclear weapons.  These are the countries that have nuclear bombs, but are not present signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  Not that trying to stop Iran from getting the bomb is not good, but the anti-nuke policy should be broadened beyond Iran.  Perversely, it seems that if a country becomes a nuclear outlier, with the exception of North Korea, then suddenly you are welcomed by Uncle Sam with economic largesse and even more nuclear empowerment; regarding the latter, i.e., Uncle Sam's nuclear energy deal with India.  Crazy and stupid, isn't it?  As written in our Titular Commons blog, the United Nations, Uncle Sam and the other Security Council nations should push for a Nuke Free Zone in the Middle East for starters, secondly push for dismantling all nuclear  bombs from the nuclear outliers, and thirdly the Security Council should dismantle their own bombs, in other words, those five countries (U.S., Russia, China, Britain and France) that have nuclear bombs and are also signatories to the NPT.  Unfortunately, that's just a little too much common sense for the world.

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