There's something a little unseemly, to put it nicely, about someone who has practically no core principles, but lusts for power so much.  You get the feeling that this guy, Mitt Romney, has been thinking about being president since the first grade, but since then has not had a single overriding reason for this goal besides wanting to satisfy his enormous ego.  Very cynical and nasty, too: he says he likes to fire people and promises that there will be no more "free stuff" from Uncle Sam if he gets his way, presumably none for those poor devils that aren't smart or slick enough to live off of money like him, and this coming from someone who had the benefit of significant money (free stuff) being handed to him early in his adult life just because he happened to be the son of a powerful and rich father.  For all his alleged devotion to religion, somehow he skipped those Biblical references about being overawed by money. The Salt Lake City Tribune editorialized, regarding Romney, that there were "Too Many Mitts."  That sums it up just about right.

Post-script: speaking of Salt Lake City, I voted for that city's former mayor, Rocky Anderson, for President.  See the previous post, "Rocky."  So much wisdom coming out of Salt Lake these days, of all places.

[updated on 10/30/12]

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