Pretty Much Rogue

Well, it took a while for German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to get upset with Uncle Sam.  After all, it wasn't all that long ago when Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, in their respective roles as Secretary of State, were trying to steal the credit cards and DNA of at least one U.N. Secretary General (Clinton trying to steal stuff from Ban-ki Moon) and other hapless lesser diplomats and officials from all over the world. We don't know if any of them were under Merkel, but you shouldn't have to be the victim yourself before you take umbrage over the rogue actions of supposed allies.  However, American citizens themselves, by and large, gave Rice and Clinton a pass on their misdeeds at the time the news broke out.  It was like, "What's the big deal, it's just business as usual?"  Merkel said that America's spying on Germany was unacceptable, since allies should trust each other, and was said to be furious.

From protecting all sorts of criminals and fraudsters who have, respectively, broken international conventions (including war crimes, kidnappings and tortures) and stolen billions of taxpayers' dollars, to spying on virtually the entire country, yet punishing whistleblowers who actually uncover these crimes, the Bush & Obama govts./regimes have been pretty much rogue and certainly two of the most lawless administrations in U.S. history.  While they smiled at Chancellor Merkel in front of her face (and Bush haplessly tried to give her a back rub, believe it or not), they were tapping phones, stealing internet messages, and God only knows doing what else behind her back.  While Bush reminds us of the Emperor Commodus from the year 2000 movie, "Gladiator," Obama reminds us of televangelist Jimmy Baker in his prime -- you know, the friendly come-on, the slick style, the big messianic (though thoroughly secularized by Obama) sermons, and in his own mind, he can't believe all these "folks" are buying it.  They may have bought it in '08, but when you get lucky enough to run against a charlatan as obvious a charlatan as yourself, the folks just voted for the one they knew best in '12.  Obama had so many young people who were trying to uplift the country support him the first time around, but his government is just as rogue as the last one, and probably even worst (that's "change" with your fingers crossed).  Obama's govt./regime still supports corruption, is as war-mongering and imperialistic as any since Carter, and aspires to make Orwell's "Big Brother" the established practice in the U.S.  It's a shame that these young people's hopes were dashed, but we shouldn't bury our heads in despair.  We still have to build a nation based on our greatest community values and ideas, but be a whole lot less dependent on the cult of personality, otherwise known as presidential politics.  

[revised on 7/14/13]

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